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Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing — it's so admiring and so complicated; so wonderful and so hard. And when you hear applause after — you gain strength and will to go on and become better! That's a story told by two to millions of spectators. And everyone can find his own in it… Because dancers are miraculous; every dance stands for a whole life — even if it lasts for couple of minutes. And dancer lives as many lives, as many times he has danced…

Your image

Image is no doubt very important for a dancer. Even if you've just jumped out of your car, there is 10 minutes left before tournament registration ends, we'll surely create you perfect shining makeup. We make hairstyle and haircut for gentlemen, hairstyle for ladies, makeup for everyone. Makeup will not flake — your white shirt will remain white. Mastery of fashion professionals combined with guidance and experience of high-class dancers ensures perfect result. Take a look at our works, then feel free to apply using the form below.

Makeup and hairstyle application

Find the list of upcoming events we're working on below. Even if event of interest is not listed below, give us a call or request a callback, we'll reach you soon. The earlier you apply — the more comfortable time you get!

Dates Event Venue  
08-09.05.2021 Танцевальная Московия
Moscow, Russia Apply
10.05.2021 Восходящие Звезды
Saint-Petersburg, Russia Apply
15-16.05.2021 Кубок Танц-Мастера2021
Saint-Petersburg, Russia Apply
15.05.2021 Аэроданс 2021
Pskov, Russia Apply
16.05.2021 May Dance Championship
Saint-Petersburg, Russia Apply
16.05.2021 Кубок Карелии
Petrozavodsk, Russia Apply
23.05.2021 Рейтинг турнир
Saint-Petersburg, Russia Apply
29-30.05.2021 Господин Великий Новгород2021
Velikiy Novgorod, Russia Apply

Photograph on dance events

We'll gladly take pictures of you, your dance and image we've created for you. There are lots of events we've been working on.

Albums with pictures can be found here.

Andrey Zaitsev and Elizaveta Cherevichnaya: showcase on Neva Autumn 2014


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